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This Is The Academy 1/288 Space Shuttle/747 Transport 12708

This is a 1/288 Plastic Space Shuttle & NASA Transport Model Kit from Academy Plastics. It's for ages 10 and up.

While the Space Shuttle can travel faster and farther than any other aircraft yet flying, thanks to the huge external boosters that push it, it is not capable of flight outside of a space voyage. To provide for "local" hops. NASA obtained a giant Boeing 747 from American Airlines, and altered it to carry the shuttle in a special cradle mounted to the fuselage. The 747 was originally used to test the aerodynamic stability of the shuttle but is now often used to transport the shuttle from one location to the next.

FEATURES: Plastic pieces attached to sprues and molded in silver, white, and black. This kit includes both the 747 and the Space Shuttle. The exterior surface details of the two craft include seams, bolt heads, and a variety of hatch and door outlines. All of the necessary cradle equipment for attaching the shuttle to the 747 is included. An aerodynamically correct booster cowl is included for the rear of the shuttle. The 747 features all of the tail modifications necessary to safely support the shuttle. Complete landing gear and engine assemblies for the 747 are included. A clear brown plastic display base is included. Detailed pictorial instructions guide you through assembly.

MARKING OPTIONS: One Decal Sheet with Markings for One 747 and Four Shuttles. 1: NASA 747 with Shuttle Atlantis 2: NASA 747 with Shuttle Columbia 3: NASA 747 with Shuttle Discovery 4: NASA 747 with Shuttle Endeavour Airframe Colors: Black, Gray, Silver, White Detail Colors: Yellow, Red, Blue, Gunmetal, Green

INCLUDES: One 1/288 Plastic Space Shuttle & NASA Transport Model Kit

REQUIRES: Assembly Cement Paint (see MARKING OPTIONS) Brushes Sprue Cutter Modeling Knife File or Emery Board Scissors Tweezers Water for Decals Glue Tips or Toothpicks Cloth Adult Supervision

SPECS: Scale: 1/288 747 Length: 9-3/4" (24.6cm) (approximately) 747 Width: 9-1/4" (23.4cm) (approximately) 747 Height: 2-3/4" (6.8cm) (approximately) Shuttle Length: 4-1/2" (11.4cm) (approximately) Shuttle Width: 3-1/4" (8.1cm) (approximately) Shuttle Height: 1" (2.5cm) (approximately)

COMMENTS: Keep small parts and sharp edges away from children. Care should be taken when using tools and modeling knives. Modeling paint should only be used by an adult in a well-ventilated area.

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