Academy 1/200 Bedford Whaler 14204


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This is a 1:200 Plastic New Bedford Whaler Circa 1835 from Academy Plastics.

Until the 1870s whaling was a very important industry in New England.
Sailing half way around the world to hunt the Sperm Whale in the Western
Pacific ocean for its oil, the typical whaling vessel made terribly long 3 to
4 year voyages to fill its barrels with the rendered oil that provided the fuel
for oil lamps and lubrication for machinery before the discovery of petroleum.
Typical whaling vessels carried 20 to 30 men. At its peak, New Bedford had
429 whaling vessels registered calling it home port.


Plastic pieces attached to sprues and molded in brown, black, and
Fully engraved hull with copper-plate sheathing detail.
All parts are precision injection molded including billowing sails
and ratlines.
Molded in three colors to minimize painting.
Five life boats are provided in the event the ship begins to sink.
Thread rig lines are included.
Display stand is included.
Detailed pictorial instructions guide you through assembly.


One 1:200 Plastic New Bedford Whaler Circa 1835


Paint: Black, Metallic, Gray, White, Red, Brown, Tan, Gold, Copper
Sprue Cutter
Modeling Knife
File or Emery Board
Glue Tips or Toothpicks
Adult Supervision


Scale: 1:200
Length: 7" (17.7cm)
Width: 1-1/2" (3.6cm)
Height: 7" (17.6cm) (approximately)

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