Academy 1/144 B-47 Us Air Force 12618


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Academy 1/144 B-47 US Air Force 12618


The B-47 was to be the Strategic Air Command's first all-jet strategic medium bomber. Designed to augment the B-36 Peacemaker heavy bomber, the B-47 was able to counter the air defenses of the time with its sheer speed and altitude performance. Like the B-36, the B-47 was designed to carry a nuclear weapon to its designated target. Neither aircraft was designed to carry conventional bombs. Unlike the B-36, the B-47 could not only drop its weapon from altitude, it could also approach the target from low altitude and "toss" the bomb into the target area while escaping in the opposite direction at low altitude and high (subsonic) speed. The aircraft was designed with such low drag and so aerodynamically clean, one scuff mark on the wing walkway would cost the aircraft a few knots in speed. If you want to get a good perspective of the B-47, find yourself a copy of the James Stewart classic movie 'Strategic Air Command'.





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